Capture Screenshot in Windows 10

You can capture screenshot in Windows 10 for free. You can use these methods:

Take a snap with the key combination ALT + PrintScreen

  1. Press the key combination ALT and the PrintScreen key at the same time. This will capture the currently active window. If you want a screenshot of the whole desktop then just press PrintScreen.
  2. The screenshot is now invisible but it is in the Windows clipboard. This is where everything is stored for cut and paste. So you can now open a Word document and use the key combination ALT + V for inserting the screenshot. It can also be useful to paste the screenshot first into Microsoft paint, to edit it. You can look for “Paint” in the windows search bar to start this application.

Take a screen picture with the snipping tool delivered with Windows.

Search for “Snipping Tool” in your Windows search bar. Use this tool. If you can not find the screenshot tool you can download a free snipping tool clone here.